St. Michael's Anglican Church has been this sort of place for over 100 years.

During this time it has enjoyed a close relationship with the community of Canmore. Over many tempestuous years when Canmore was evolving from a railway divisional point to a bustling mining town to a world-class Olympic venue to today's flourishing centre for tourists, developers, hikers, vacationers and artists, St. Michael's has tried to be faithful to its calling to service and outreach.

Please stop by for your copy of our book "St. Michaels - The story of the Church and it's People" by Parishioner Gerald Hankins, for a detailed historical account.

Our vision statement affirms that we embrace outreach in our ministry as we strive to love and serve God and to share God's love through worship, prayer, study and fellowship. We aim to identify and respond to needs in our church, our community and the wider world.
Our beautiful historical building dates back to 1893, and is the site of many weddings, baptisms and funerals. Our modern space, hall, is a well used community facility and the venue for our contemporary service.

st mikes at nightIf you were searching for a place that tells the story of the pageantry of life in a community, you would do well to make the church your first stop. Within its walls baptisms and infant dedications are held for new arrivals to this world, memorial services and funerals to say firewell to those leaving it. In front of an altar men and women pledge eternal loyalty to each other while in an upstairs room children are taught "the faith of our fathers."

It's a strange sort of institution, requiring no membership fee and welcoming people of all ages, race, skin color and social status. It brings people together -not to discuss business proposals or sporting events or political issues - but to give heed to lasting matters, including their relationship with God and their fellow humans.

As Kevin Larsen said a couple of years ago: "We have talked about the legacy of this parish that has been such a vibrant part of the community. In our era, we are participating in one small chapter in the life of the church. We must never forget all those who preceded us and worshipped and served here. This little church has been a small haven of peace and comfort during many hard years, including the Great Depression and two World Wars. If we are faithful to God's calling to us, it will still be here to serve in years to come." Today the church is very much alive. It remains proud of and thankful for a rewarding past record but today focuses mainly on serving and nurturing the people in the town that it loves.